4th Industrial Revolution Interventions at the Destiny Village Institute

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) Journey has started and life will never be the same. With these changes are many new technologies and processes that are already affecting your life at home, at work and in public. You can either be passive in these changes or begin to actively participate with your own contribution and input to the reshaping of the world. The 4th Industrial Revolution Interventions are designed for all sectors of society, including children, who will be inheriting whatever action or inaction by their parents.

Schedule yourself for one of these important 1-day session suitable for you by selecting the convenient date:

4IR Intervention March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov
Leaders and Professionals 22 19 17 14 19 16 6 18 22
SMME 23 20 18 15 20 17 7 19 23
Individuals and Families 24 21 19 16 21 18 8 20 24

To learn more or book your seat, please contact us on +27 11 315 6971 or 4IR@destinyvillage.co.za

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